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Online marketing has changed since 1999

After much resistance to the idea I have started a blog to make a record of my observations and lessons learned since I started marketing online back in 1999. In 2001 I managed to go full time with my home based internet business and it has been quite a ride in the last 14 years.

Before Google dominated ppc search there was a little company called GoTo where I started buying search traffic on a pay per click scale and I saw the advantage immediately. There was a little known affiliate network called commission junction where you could get paid to send traffic to merchants and they would often pay on a per lead basis.

One of my early successful campaigns was a company called Netsetter and they would pay $5 per lead you send to their site who signs up to use their free software that would speed up online browsing. I remember the first time I made $100 in a day and realized that I was barely even scratching the surface of this internet marketing thing.

I was hooked from then on with buying ads and turning them into a positive ROI.

The day that I closed on my first house I walked out of the title company office and called my boss and told him, “I’m gonna have to let you go”. That was one of the most empowering feelings I have ever had and it was a direct result of me learning how to buy traffic profitably and I never looked back.

I ended up starting a software company with a friend to create our own software to help people speed up their download times and we got a little over 250,000 customers of our software products. This home based business had grown beyond my wildest dreams and allowed me to enjoy the freedoms I never had before like traveling and vacationing regularly and being able to be involved with my kids at school and after school.

I’ve tried to help several folks over the years to get started online and have been asked to create a blog and document some of my insights, tactics, resources and experiences so this blog is now available.

From time to time I will post videos and I will be releasing my traffic guide soon to help anyone get started with buying traffic profitably online.

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