New Facebook Ad Tips - Learn to use Custom Audiences

New Facebook Ad Tips

Facebook has recently launched a feature that lets you upload your customer list and then market just to those people in the Facebook platform. This is a huge opportunity to reach out to your current customer list or even your prospect list and introduce them to new areas of your funnel.

Top new Facebook Ads tip: Using Custom Audiences

You simply go to the Facebook ads section and then click on the Power Editor.

You Must Use The Chrome Browser To Use The Power Editor

Facebook powereditor

Don’t let the name fool you. It’s really simple to use and has an intuitive interface. Just click on the button like the one above on the left side menu.

Once you are in the Power Editor (You may need to update Chrome) simply click on the Custom Audiences tab.

Facebook Ads Custom Audiences

All you have to do once you are in the custom audiences section is highlight a list if you already have one or if not just click on the Add Users tab right under the Custom Audiences tab.

This is where the magic happens!

You can upload segments of your list and then create ads that will run to those segments. So if a customer had bought womens shoes from you you can laser target ads to them on Facebook offering new shoes just for them.

Do you see the power in this? It is HUGE!

You can easily segment your customer database and then show ads to them for other products in your funnel. The power of this type of Facebook advertising is incredible.

You can target people by their email address, Facebook ID, or their phone number

Reread that sentence, if it didn’t get your excited about targeting your existing customers via the site that they probably spend most of their time on then I don’t think you are thinking clearly.

Open rates are not what they used to be for emailing your customers special offers and deals but you can upload their email addresses to Facebook now and actually target them with ads for upgrades and upsells for your other products.

You can also prompt them to take a new action such as liking your new business page. Instead of just emailing everyone your new Facebook page to like you can target them on Facebook and tell them that they have bought from you and to like your page all right in the ad!

This is powerful and something we have never really had access to before.

Now when you are creating an ad normally you will see the option right under Broad Categories to include your custom audiences as shown in the screenshot below. THIS IS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY!

Custom Audiences Walk through

Now you can create ads and only show them to certain segments of your lists.

Think about how powerful that is!

We don’t have to be a slave to low open rates anymore just simply upload your email via in segments and then market to those people when they are on Facebook. Most users spend the majority of their internet time on Facebook these days.

You can also target just people who filled out the first part of your order form but didn’t checkout. Do you think offering them a discount via a Facebook ad to finish their checkout could get their attention? It can and almost nobody is doing this.

You can use the custom audiences feature in Facebook to

  • Up sell your current and past customers
  • Advertise to users who have unsubscribed
  • Advertise to prospects who won’t open emails
  • Engage customers easily with related offers
  • Request surveys from customers or prospects
  • Easily encourage users to like your pages etc
  • Dozens of other ways, just upload your list

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I am polishing up a video I just made walking you through how to setup an ad using the custom audience feature in Facebook and will post a link to that in this post as soon as it is available.

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