How do I get more traffic? Focus on conversion and traffic is easy.

How do I get more traffic?

Many people tend to waste a lot of their time worrying “How do I get more traffic” when the question they need to be asking is “How do I maximize my conversion rate”. If you maximize your conversion rate traffic will be much easier to buy profitably and you will attract affiliates in your market that will send you traffic on a performance basis.

If you maximize your conversion rate over time you will have a large enough margin that when you buy traffic none of your competitors will be able to pay as much for traffic as you, thus making you the winner of the bulk of the traffic from each source.

If you stop obsessing about getting more traffic all the time and focus on conversion you will be able to get traffic easily after some time goes by. Some people are consumed with the idea of getting more and more clicks and think that will automatically translate to more and more sales for their business.

Here are a few things you can do to help you get a better conversion rate. This will help you make more money from your traffic and enable you to buy more traffic.

Increase conversion to get more traffic

  • Split test your order pages constantly to find small improvements but don’t make judgments on the tests until you have run at least 100 conversions through the page.If you don’t have enough volume to do that you can make variations and make them link to order pages and count a click through to the order page as a conversion. If you are doing this you need to make about 300 conversions to get statistically significant data.
  • Contact your current customers will upsell offers and opportunities to buy from you again. Your current customers are going to be happy to get updates from you now and then.Don’t just send them links to buy stuff, send free PDF files and other items with perceived value so that your customers build a rapport with you and get used to opening and reading your emails.
  • Start using retargeting in your online PPC efforts. This allows you to track people who have visited your pages and serve them banners all over the web on some of the biggest websites on the internet.This can be setup pretty quickly and if you plan a proper strategy you can target people who are most likely to buy and give them an extra incentive to go ahead and purchase from you.

Retargeting opens up a whole new ballgame online. You can literally serve ads to people who have visited your site in the past and advertise promotions and special offers via banners that follow them around the web.

There are a number of places online that you can utilize the power of retargeting. None of them make it quite as easy as the SiteScout platform does. If you are starting your first retargeting campaign try SiteScout to avoid getting overcharged by some managed campaign.

It’s pretty simple, you just create a retargeting list and that list will have a pixel that will set  a cookie in a browser that a user views a particular page with. This will allow you to show them ads after they leave your site that follow them around the internet.

Can you see the power that this gives you to help move people along in your funnel?

Advanced users can really use some powerful targeting options by tagging people based on their category of interest.

If they land on your buy page they are probably pretty interested but if they went through step 1 and left during step2 then you can assume they are an extremely interested prospect and you can target them in a different way than someone who only looked at your front page.

You can also retarget people who you send to a page via an email or other means.

If an email is sent mentioning that there is a blog post about the best way to build bird cages then you can assume that advertising more bird cages to the people who click through to that page will be more effective that targeting people who had never shown an interest in such a precise subject.

I am finishing up a guide on retargeting and I will be releasing it to my email subscribers as soon as it is ready to go. If you would like to get a copy of it just enter your name and email address in that form on the right and make sure you confirm your email address.

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Simon Chappell

Thank you so much for giving me an even great insight into the forever changing online traffic world.


Simon Chappell


    I’m glad you enjoyed it Simon. Here is another post on Retargeting that also has some good tips on traffic and increasing your ROI when buying traffic online.

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