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Facebook Retargeting Tips

Retargeting is getting a lot of exposure these days so I thought I would share some things I have learned about it over the years and give you some Facebook retargeting tips.

Retargeting simply means that you are placing a cookie on a visitors pc when they visit any landing page you control. This cookie allows you to have display ads follow them around the web showing them your offer again with a special deal to entice them to signup or even showing them relevant offers that you think they would be interested in.

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Don’t get hung up on the technology. These days you can easily setup a retargeting campaign in several places like Adwords, SiteScout, Retargeter, Perfect Audience and many more.

I started buying traffic in 1999

Today that seems like back in the dinosaur days. It was before Y2K.

I had a full time job inspecting automatic fire systems and banks and restaurants and created a small company that repaired and serviced vent hoods for restaurants after they closed at night.

It was a decent living but I was drawn to the idea of having an internet business that worked even when I was asleep.

I was hooked the first time I made a few dollars while I was asleep.

When I started buying traffic the magic really started to happen and I started to make more than a few pennies here and there.  I remember a $100 ad buy early on that was maybe my fourth or fifth time to paid for traffic online. Looking at the first few days of stats with total disbelief.  Somehow my earnings had been 5 times what I had spent.  I spent $100 total and earned $500.

This began a journey that literally changed my life dramatically in just a few months.

Retargeting gives me that feeling from way back then. It gets you excited to see ROI numbers that are drastically higher than you are used to.

If you are interested in ratcheting up your ROI on paid traffic you need to pay attention to these Facebook retargeting tips below.

Facebook Retargeting Tips

You can easily use Perfect Audience to run a Facebook retargeting campaign and get setup the same day in most cases. Tell them I sent you, they will treat you right. This is the best platform by far for running a retargeting campaign on Facebook.

They also allow you to run retargeting ads that follow users all over the web but we are going to focus on Facebook retargeting tips in this post.

Segment your pixels so that you can target folks based on their level of interest. Setting up a retargeting pixel simply means you are creating a unique pixel that will only be shown on pages that will have people interested in Facebook marketing or raising chickens.

If they go through your entire site and get to your order page where they are supposed to enter credit card information but then they bounce they are worth spending more to retarget so give them a different pixel.

Big tip to save money when retargeting

I see this all the time. Even big huge companies do not setup their pixels to stop retargeting a user to buy product B after they buy product B from a retargeting ad. Stop retargeting people for a product once they convert into a sale for that product.

You can setup a pixel to fire on your thank you page after they order that will stop retargeting someone who converts into a sale for you. Why would you keep sending them retargeting ads for the same product after they convert?

Here is another idea on this, place 2 pixels on your thank you page that turns off retargeting for that product and then cookies them as a customer so now you show them ads for your biggest upsell or high ticket item.

In this post I showed you how to upload a customer list to Facebook  and show ads to those customers directly and just thought I would link to that in here too.

Use email with retargeting

This is a really interesting way to utilize retargeting technology.

You can get older users who never saw your pixel on any extremely targeted retargeting list you want. Just email the users and offer them to visit a page to watch a video or read an update etc. You will have placed your new retargeting pixel on the page about marketing to dog lovers and the email you sent them says that if you are a dog lover you need to go watch this quick video.

Do you see the power you can harness using email coupled with retargeting? We have been using this for a long time to serve ads to users who are interested in broad and specific targets and then showing them ads for relevant products.

This is a simple but powerful tactic. Use it!

Segment users based on engagement

That headline sounds more complicated than it really is. If you have significant traffic then you can have different pixels set for different levels of interest. Users that bounced off the front page of your funnel only would be at interest level 1. Users that see page 2 are level 2 and users that hit page 3 are level 3 etc.

A user that has bought your most expensive products should have a pixel set for their thank you page so you can then promote other relevant high ticket items to them as they travel the web or play on Facebook. This will allow you to sell much more high ticket offers and it’s much easier than it seems at first.

Email users who have bought your product A and product B but not product C. The landing page you send them to that promotes product C will have a unique pixel on it so that if they don’t buy (95% or more don’ t buy on the first visit) you can then have a retargeting ad follow them around on Facebook for your product C.

Do you see the power of segmenting users with retargeting yet?

This has endless possibilities and is only limited by your imagination.

If someone bought gourmet coffee from you they will likely also shop at other places and purchase more gourmet coffee. Join some good competitors affiliate programs for high ticket offers and promote relevant links that pay you well to your retargeting lists.

Don’t be one of those folks that gets hung up on not wanting to promote competitors. The internet is larger than you can imagine and you can really well promoting competing products. I have made friends with and promoted many competitors over the years and it has paid really well.

Rotate several different creatives

When you are retargeting people you need to use fresh creative more often than a traditional online advertising spend such as adwords.

Try using at least 4 different images when setting up a campaign so you can grab the users attention. This will get your name or brand more exposure than simply uploading one ad and being lazy.

Offer an incentive to retargeted users

Make your landing pages for your retargeting campaigns mention in the headline that they get special access or a discount for finding your secret retargeting page.

You can call it something else depending on your market but basically you want to offer them something like a small discount for finding this special page. Mention in the first paragraph that this special page is only for people who have visited your site before but not become a customer yet.

This will greatly increase your perceived trust and you will get new customers signup from this page. Be creative, You could have a video on there that is explaining this of you actually speaking to them standing in front of your office or a nice background. This type of personal connection really resonates with people and it works.

Rotate similar offers

If you are selling inkjet printers you could easily use retargeting to follow your customers around the web for deals on ink refills and possibly photography lessons or anything else that is relevant to what you already know that they are interested in.

You can earn some nice commissions from setting up retargeting based on interest and then run ads that you are an affiliate for or into Amazons website for relevant products.

This is only limited by your imagination.

My favorite retargeting platform

Perfect Audience – This is a new retargeting platform that I have really gotten to love recently. Right now it is the easiest and cheapest way to use retargeting while people are on Facebook. If you are serious about buying traffic and selling your products and services online you need to setup an account and test out their trial.

I have had success with retargeting on multiple networks but I have never seen an ROI so high as our campaigns in Perfect Audience.

You can get clicks from people who have already visited your website but didn’t buy yet at a much cheaper price per click than cold traffic. You will be shocked how well this traffic converts.

Perfect Audience gives you the ability to retarget people on Facebook which is where they spend a lot of their time so you don’t have to spend time finding different sites that your target market randomly surfs.

I have managed to get thousands of dollars in sales from just a few dollars in ad spend using this system and I’m currently scaling up some campaigns using this platform.

Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed these Facebook retargeting tips and please feel free to share your own in the comments section below.

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