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One of my early successful campaigns was a company called Netsetter and they would pay $5 per lead you send to their site who signs up to use their free software that would speed up online browsing.

I remember the first time I made $100 in a day and realized that I was barely even scratching the surface of this internet marketing thing.

I ended up starting a software company with a friend to create our own software to help people speed up their download times and we got a little over 250,000 customers of our software products.

This home based business had grown beyond my wildest dreams and allowed me to enjoy the freedoms I never had before like traveling and vacationing regularly and being able to be involved with my kids at school and after school.

These days, I’ve almost retired from the software world and I help people start or grow their own online business. If you are truly wanting to grow an online business I would be happy to see if I could help. This is not some nonsense from someone who just got started.

I’ve been working online for 20 years. I take on about 15-20 new clients a year by helping them scale their online business to new levels. If you have an established online business and would like to see if I can help you scale just fill out the form below to book a call with me.

If nothing else you will come away from the call with a clearer vision of what you need to be doing to stop wasting your time.

Hi, I’m Shawn

When I began selling online in 1997 and I had a full time job during the day and a business cleaning restaurant vent hoods at night.

I charged my first computer for $2500 on my new Visa card, it was a GateWay computer and I still have it.

To say that I was learning would be understating how little I knew about selling online but I had been selling offline my entire life.

Before Google dominated ppc search there was a little company called GoTo where I started buying search traffic on a pay per click scale and I saw the advantage immediately.

There was an affiliate network called Commission Junction where you could get paid to send traffic to merchants and they would often pay on a per lead basis. 


No money is made until a sale takes place. Sales are and always will be king. Learn how to make them consistently.


You have to believe in order to achieve. I’ve created two 7 and one 8 figure business from my home office.


You can’t get help from someone who has never been there. Don’t take job advice from someone who never had one.

Shawn helped me setup my google ads a couple of years ago and works his magic on them once in awhile.  It has transformed my company! Thank you!

I just hit my first 6 figure month! My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  I love your newsletter and will subscribe to it for life!

I’ve been selling online for about 10 years and didn’t know if I could learn much. WOW! Just the simple changes you spotted in minutes has doubled my revenues! Thank you sir!

Book a call with me and we will find out what roadblocks
are stopping you from hitting your goals online.