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Essential Online Business Tools

I got started working online in 1999.  Over the years I’ve learned it’s much better to automate as much as possible to help you be more productive.  Several people email me every week asking me what tools I recommend for hosting, email list hosting, storage and other online services so I decided to make a […]

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10 Profitable Retargeting Secrets

1  Retarget Your Users Easily On Facebook You can easily use Perfect Audience to run a Facebook retargeting campaign and get setup the same day in most cases. Tell them I sent you, they will treat you right. This is the best platform by far for running a retargeting campaign on Facebook. They also allow […]

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Facebook Retargeting Tips

Retargeting simply means that you are placing a cookie on a visitors pc when they visit any landing page you control. Then this cookie allows you to have display ads follow them around the web showing them your offer again with a special deal to entice them to signup or even showing them relevant offers that you think they would be interested in.

Don’t get hung up on the technology. These days you can easily setup a retargeting campaign in several places

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Tips on working from home

I have worked from home for over 10 years with my software company. There are many perks that go with working from home and some disadvantages. Some people have issues with not having a schedule set in stone or a supervisor to keep them accountable for getting things done. I am not one of those […]

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How do I get more traffic?

Many people tend to waste a lot of their time worrying “How do I get more traffic” when the question they need to be asking is “How do I maximize my conversion rate”. If you maximize your conversion rate traffic will be much easier to buy profitably and you will attract affiliates in your market […]

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New Facebook Ad Tips

Facebook has recently launched a feature that lets you upload your customer list and then market just to those people in the Facebook platform. This is a huge opportunity to reach out to your current customer list or even your prospect list and introduce them to new areas of your funnel. Top new Facebook Ads […]

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Online marketing has changed since 1999

After much resistance to the idea I have started a blog to make a record of my observations and lessons learned since I started marketing online back in 1999. In 2001 I managed to go full time with my home based internet business and it has been quite a ride in the last 14 years. […]

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